Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i am so excited to say,

i'm having my first giveaway! as part of sewmamasew's giveaway day on december 3rd, i will be choosing one lucky person from my comments to receive an extra special prize, handmade by me! make sure to come talk to me that day for your chance to win!


Glenda said...

hi craftytammie I love looking at your blog you are very clever.thanks glenda

Anonymous said...

THank you for the link for the pumpkin butter- I have 3 pumpkins to cook down and this might be a great way to use some of it!

I would love to be put in for your drawing. I am a little confused though- do you need to leave a comment on that specific day to be put in for it?


tammiemarie said...

Yes, please come back on Dec.3rd to put your name in the drawing! It's part of sewmamasew's giveaway day, there will be links to lots of prizes on their website too! And I'm still choosing a prize, handknit or sewn? any preference?

by the way, the pumpkin butter turned out delicious! sort of like pumpkin pie in a jar! we poured some over cream cheese and ate it with graham crackers, yum!


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