Monday, November 24, 2008

i've been busy!

completed this week:

strawberry freezer jams - plain, strawberry-orange, and strawberry-banana, three jars of each. i plan to give these as gifts for our neighbors, postman, and librarian. and anyone else for whom i need a last minute gift. if i get really ambitious i'll bake some bread to go with them. yum.

washcloths - the princess crown is part of a christmas gift for my niece and the pooh bear is part of a baby gift for a friend. i loved the crown, i learned how to make a bobble! and while i'm not crazy about the bear(or image cloths in general), they went with a winnie the pooh theme for their nursery, so it's appropriate.

i've also been working on aprons, scarves, quilted list takers, and ornaments and i'm making some pumpkin butter today. i'm planning a photo shoot this weekend, for my NEW etsy shop! yes, i am jumping on the etsy craze, and plan to have open by the giveaway day dec. 3.

in between painting all the trim upstairs and cooking my first ever turkey. eek. why do i always do this to myself? oh yeah, because i thrive under pressure.

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