Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a space of my own

wow! i finally got my craft area! it's nothing glamorous, just a coleman table set up with my iron and cutting mat, sharing space with our guest bed. i've already realized it's not too practical, since i can't have the iron on while the littles are afoot. but it sure beats running up and down the stairs every time i need to press a seam! it will be great for late night work. and of course, i still need to organize better, a lot of things are just dumped on my shelves. but i can walk into my laundry room now, hooray!

to celebrate having so much designated space to lay out work, i have already completed 2 disappearing nine patch blocks - not sure what i will do with them yet - and a quilted list taker! i am putting the finishing touches on a butterfly mobile for a gift, and then i plan to knock out a baby blanket. i feel so inspired! photos coming soon.

speaking of inspiration, sewmamasew is having handmade holidays again. i already see there are several projects i must make. fabric basket, anyone? elsewhere, these toadstool doorstops are awesome! i think i loved everything on her site, especially the ricrac flowers, so check out hannah while you're looking. also on my new faves list, happy zombie. you're welcome.

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