Friday, January 16, 2009

2009- the year of ???

each year i try to choose something that i've always wanted to learn to do, and then, i spend the year learning how to do it! like making pies, or knitting, or whatever. but i don't know what i will pick for 2009. i thought about just getting organized, so i can be more creative in the future. and i've already made a good start on that. kitchen cupboards have been cleaned and lined with an adorable green print. i have an obscene amount of cake pans, which will be weeded out and sold on craig's list. i just don't have time to spend on cakes anymore. it makes me sad, but that's just how it is. maybe in a few years when the kids are older, and don't need as much supervision.

anyhow. i've been wanting to relearn to crochet, so that will probably be my 2009 task. if there is a good book anyone would like to recommend, i'd love to hear about it! i will probably have to buy one to learn from, my local library has slim pickings. i crocheted a bit as a child, i remember making granny squares, which is what i'd like to make again. i also want to make a quilt. still. i've been working on small items to get the feel for it, but i don't seem to have the right foot for my machine? and i'm not sure what i need or where to get one, jo-ann's just sold husvarq or something like that. there just aren't enough hours in the day, are there!

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Puddle Bugs said...

Great Blog! I just re-learned crochet too, this last while. I found great instructions on this website you might want to check out. They also have lots of neat free patterns!

Melanie-Puddlebugs from Swap.Bot


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