Thursday, January 8, 2009

happy 2009!

it's nice to be back after the holidays. the decorations are all tucked away until next year. and the trash has finally been picked up. we can see our garage floor - it's been months - and i've been weeding out our possessions for our preschool's rummage sale. it feels good to organize, and we've made a lot of progress with the house. remodeling is never done! i tiled the kitchen backsplash over the break, and i love it and can't wait to do the bathroom now!

we enjoyed having our family here for christmas, and we also celebrated our son alex's 3rd birthday! i made a yummy chocolate fudge cake with butterfinger filling. i also tried out some great recipes. and i have some things i want to share with you, like the embroidered tea towel sets i received from my mom, and the holiday traditions swap package i received (and loved!) but our laptop died, and with it died the ease of posting i enjoyed. until it's replaced, i'll be on a short hiatus. the good news is when i return i'll have tons to show you! see you in a week or two!

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