Saturday, January 24, 2009

swaps, links and more!

sorry for the lack of photos lately. i have two to share today. these are the wonderful towels my mom gave me at christmas time. sadly, they had been tucked away in a closet for who know how long! she thinks they were done by her sister, my aunt lavada. who is quite a crafty gal herself! you name it, she's made it. cool. i especially love the turtles, but if you can make it out, the middle of the fruits says stewed pear, and there's a drunk pear stumbling about. hilarious!

and here i go again, signing up for everything under the sun! but it's got me creating, so that's a good thing. besides tha charm square swaps i've been doing, i signed up for some others.

first up i am working on my toys for the handmade toy swap. my partner has three girls - so of course i want to make three toys! i know what would happen in my house if there was only one of something to go around - yikes! i tried out two patterns yesterday - lambkins and scotty dog - and my versions are rather homely looking! scotty is made of chocolate and beige felt, and i made a sweet pink fabric lamb. but i'm still getting the hang of making 3-d animals, so the lamb's legs aren't quite right, and poor puppy didn't get enough stuffing in his legs and won't stand up straight!

on to the next trial - handmade dolls. i've started a knitted babe, but i think i will run out of time if i try to knit three of them. so i am going to try out this doll pattern tonight. i have a bunch of yarn that will be perfect for doll hair, so i am excited to get to that point. if they turn out well (and fast!) i will make some for my nieces for valentine's day.

i also signed up for elsie marley's mobile swap. i did this last year, and i received TWO awesome mobiles from the fabulous lola...again. i can't wait to get my partner, but i have started on a few ideas. one is this bird mobile from spool. i made two birds yesterday, and i can tell already that i will make a bunch more for my christmas tree! after our snow melts i am going to go for a nature walk and look for twigs and pine cones i can use to decorate the mobile. oh yes, i am making one, even if i don't end up sending it to my partner! but hopefully, they will say they adore birds and i will be halfway done with this swap.

hmm, what else am i doing... adorkable crochet is having a knit/crochet swap (on swap-bot) and i am planning a knit scarf made out of bohemian yarn, which is a beautiful marled chenille. i made myself one and it is my very favorite scarf. so soft and squishy, plus it looks good with brown, black, and navy - no small fashion feat!

also on deck, i have joined the daring bakers and will begin in february. every month there is a secret recipe and we all have to make it and then report on the same day how it came out. i am hoping to try some new things, because i seem to have lost my baking mojo lately. just not into making a mess in the kitchen, you know? which is a shame, because i love my new tile backsplash and i should want to be in there admiring it!


FibreJunky said...

I have wanted to join the Daring Bakers for*ever* but have been a little too chicken to do it. Best of luck to you on that one. Maybe you will inspire me to play along.

Love the embroidered fruit towels. I have some with apples that my mother made for my grandmother when I was 4 or 5.

Gecko said...

Wow, those towel are BEAUTIFUL! I wish I was that crafty!

Great blog, thanks for sharing!!!

(Gain exposure to your blog)


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