Thursday, February 19, 2009

because i am a crafty slacker

so the crafty slackers are having a get er done giveaway with lots of cool loot. and who better to win a slacker prize than myself? you're supposed to post a photo of your unfinished project to flickr. i'm not sure that flickr has enough space to hold all of my unfinished projects! recently i laid out all of my abandoned sewing projects on our full size guest bed. it was completely covered. in some places, stacked vertically.

so in the spirit of the giveaway, i thought i'd confess my sins here and motivate my self to finish at least one of them. (for an extra five entries! hooray for motivation!)

the pile of pj pants that need hemmed and waistbands sewn in. these are at least 5 years old.

the faux fur blankets that were going to be a birthday gift for my husband. 6 years old.

the tunic top that needs hemmed. 5 years old.

the shopping totes that i was making for gifts. 6 months old.

the butterfly mobile. 3 months old.

assorted flannel quilt tops. 3 months old.

ok, that's all i'm going to list right now. i'm too embarrassed to continue.

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