Tuesday, February 3, 2009

february to-do list

i have finished part of my gift for the toy swap! i made a princess cape! it started out as a superhero cape made of a gunmetal grey taffeta, with an iridescent pink-violet lining. then i made an applique with hand embroidered flowers on the lining fabric, and stitched it to the back of the cape. finally, i used some vintage metallic rick rack in gold to edge the applique and the top and bottom edges of the cape. i am also making a magic wand, it's in the painting stage and still needs jelwels and ribbons, and if i have time i may try one of juicy bits' felt crowns. voila, a regal princess outfit!

i've been experimenting with some knit patterns, and this new yarn i got. it's called spa by canon, and it's a bamboo blend with a great sheen. but - i've never knit with something so fragile. my dry winter fingers keep snagging the yarn, and it takes some focus not to split the strands while i knit. i must have ripped it out 4 times already! but i think i've finally got the hang of it. and i'm working on a scarf, with a ruffle on the end, and i really like it. it has lots of dropped yarn overs. if it works out it will go to my swap partner.

i did get my partner for the mobile swap. i get to make one for a little boy! but, there goes all the ideas i had started - no butterflies or birds for him, i'm thinking a rocket would be the way to go here. i may make the long thread's rocket ship and hang it sideways, and then have stars or something floating around it.

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