Sunday, February 22, 2009

a first!

ok, i know i am supposed to be knitting and building mobiles! i know it.

but i rarely get a weekend to myself anymore. and since my husband was gone ice fishing, i thought i'd take advantage of the quiet evenings and i made my first quilt top! i just sort of threw it together out of pieces of my stash. it started out as something totally different, and then as it came together i changed my mind several times and ended up with this - warning, shield your eyes from its brightness!

this is nothing like i was thinking when i started. nor did i ever think at any point that i would make a quilt with hot air balloons on it! i love them, grew up seeing them in the sky, but still. i was planning to use a white print with red and blue sleeping bears. once the nine patch and rails were pieced, it was looking a bit too KU jayhawk for my taste. so i added the polka dots and the balloons from my stash to bring in some other colors. i still need to choose the back and binding. but i am proud that i finally made a quilt top! is it bad that i don't like it? it was for practice, but still - i don't like the idea of making something that i don't want. i will probably donate it to the linus project. or if there's a reader out there who would like it, please let me know!

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