Friday, February 13, 2009

get moving!

time to get myself in gear, i am a little behind for this month. i am nowhere close to starting on my mobile - i am making one for a boy, in blue - but i have no idea what i am making yet! i'm trying to figure out if i can do something space related, with a rocket and planets and stars and all that.

and i have frogged at least 5 knitting projects for adorkable's swap. my partner would like a hat. which i have never made before, but always planned to try. i don't want a seam in it, so i'm trying to knit in the round, but my joining stitch is stretched out and my circulars are all either too big or too small. my dpn's feel clumsy to me (it has been a few years since i started that sock), and i dropped a few stitches several rounds in and got frustrated. then one hat was about the right size for a giant. i just don't seem to have the right size needles and the right weight yarn, and anyways, she'll probably end up getting a scarf. sorry about that! i'm giving the hat one more go, and then i throw in the towel. hmm, maybe i could make a few small knitted baskets? that would be something i would love to get. or i have several colors of chenille that would be great knitted horizontally into a scarf. with fringe...

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