Friday, February 13, 2009

show off your stash!

i finally have my craft area ready for a few pics, so i thought i'd join the fun on sewmamasew and flickr and show off my stash! i've mentioned before, my stash is embarrasingly large. like my belly, hee hee! some of it was inherited from both my grandmothers and my mom, there's even a few pieces that came from my college roommate kim. and a lot of it was impulse buys, something i had an idea for or just loved. so here goes!

what do you usually sew?

that depends a lot on what swap i'm currently in! i make aprons, quilt blocks, and baby blankets.

when you shop for fabric, what size cuts do you usually buy? (i.e. if you see something beautiful, but you don’t have a use for it right away, how much do you buy?)

i have gotten better about buying quarters instead of a whole yard. i'm always afraid of not having enough fabric for a project, so i get a yard. and i'm a total sucker for a bargain.

do you buy on impulse or do you go out looking for something you need?

it depends, probably about equal!

are you a pre-washer? if you are, do you wash your fabric before you need it, or only when you’re ready to use it?

if i know i will be making clothing out of it or if i buy it at a thrift store, i prewash. otherwise, no.

do you iron it?

i'm sort of a sporadic ironer. with the kids underfoot, i don't leave the iron on, so i've been known to cut out things by smoothing out wrinkles first! but if i'm working by myself, i try to iron everything in sight. and i really want a garment steamer! years in retail spoiled me.

how do you sort it? (color, print size, collection, etc.)

i sort primarily by color. but since i am lucky to have a large wood shelves, i keep my home decor fabrics on the bottom shelf, and my flannels and corduroys separate from my cottons. and then the top shelf has boxes for ribbon, needlework, and beads.

do you have any special folding techniques?

not really. again, retail made me a little obsessive about stacks, but i tend to mess it all up when i go looking for something! that's ok though, because for me, part of the fun of having fabrics is looking at them and deciding what they want to be. so i don't mind refolding my stacks often.

how do you store your fabric?

most of it is on a wood shelf unit from my job at A & F. it was used to display sweaters, so it's an ideal depth for fabrics. the only problem is that small pieces can get lost behind other larger ones. so i also use baskets under my cutting table to toss scraps in, and i have several boxes for my charms.

what tips do you have for building up a well-rounded stash?

i don't know! i doubt mine would be considered well-rounded. it seems like i never have just what i want. but i am challenging myself to figure out ways to combine them. i just picked up several scrap quilt books at the library, and am trying to understand color combinations for visual effect. i always assumed you just chose fabrics you liked, but there's definitely an art to balancing lights and darks and patterns.

when do you say enough is enough?

after every purchase!

what are some of your favorite stash-busting projects?

quilt blocks - i know, duh! girl's skirts are an easy way to use up combinations. and i have so many patchwork projects i want to try that would be great for stash busting. a better question is, how do you find time for stash busting?!

do you have a current favorite print in your stash? Let’s see it!

i'm always doing charm swaps, so every time an envelope comes i find a new favorite! but as a rule, i heart polka dots.

what’s your definition of the perfect stash?

in a way, my stash is like a scrapbook of my life. i remember where i got certain pieces, and i have a few i can't bring myself to cut into! my perfect stash would be a nice combination of moda and vintage. and polka dots.


Catherine Louise Brown said...

great sneek aroound your stash, how I would love to have access to it :) Great inspiration, citty Lou :)

aimee said...

You haven't seen embarrassingly large ;) I'm avoiding unpacking my sewing room partly because the room is unfinished and I don't like being in there, but also because I don't have enough shelving for my fabric yet! Scary stuff!


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