Monday, March 9, 2009

i'm hooked...

(insert groan here) remember when i said one of my goals for 2009 was to relearn crochet? well, i've been trying it out for the last week or two, and it sort of clicked this weekend, and i think i've got the hang of it. i still prefer the look of knitting as a rule - but man, is crochet fast or what? and so i've been using up all of my variegated cotton for dishcloths - another plus for crochet! the var. yarn looks better in crochet than in knitting, at least in my opinion. i like the blocks of color you get, and the subtle x pattern too. i haven't tackled any stitch patterns yet, other than the basics, but i am having fun and am thinking that a little sweater for emma might be coming soon.

and in other exciting news, i made my first sale on etsy! i am so very new to all of this, so there was a teensy little mixup and i'm in the process of sorting that all out. but i can't stop grinning! someone out there likes my stuff! hooray!

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