Tuesday, March 24, 2009

yay me!

be sure to check out the online craft show "i heart handmade"! lots of cool shops and they are giving away prizes every day! i actually won already, an adorable girl's dress! go to pick your pocket and see all her cute dresses! it was hard to choose one, so i picked something to match her new blue-grey mary janes. it will be my daughrter's easter dress, i'm so excited! i asked heather to put emma's name on the address, so she can get her first package in the mail.

i also finished up two projects last night - these have been lounging around my table for months, but no more! pj capris and another apple picking tote. i whipped out a few more crayon books, and tonight i am hoping i will get some baby blankets cut out. i'm feeling a bit run down though, so i may crash on the couch, crocheting flowers - my new fave thing to do while i watch telly.

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