Saturday, April 25, 2009

you really need to go to seekatiesew she's having a fantastic giveaway! go on, see for yourself.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

no, i didn't forget about you, internet. but i have been scrambling to purge our house of unnecessary items. i was inspired by a magazine article that said throw out fifty things. (note - that magazine was at least 6 months old. maybe older) so i have been going room by room, drawer by drawer, eliminating clutter. one trip to goodwill and another to recycling. seriously, why do i hoard magazines?!

i made myself a card holder out of vintage and linen.

and dinosaur lounge pants for aj.

but otherwise, all's quiet on the craft front. i am excited for my husband to come home tomorrow. it's been an interesting month alone with the kids.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

tulle next time...

so, i go upstairs to my craft room to make this skirt for emma, and i come back downstairs with these shorts for alex. huh?

it all boils down to disorganization. see, i sort of cheated. remember when i showed you my stash? those pics were real, but artfully staged to leave out the piles of stuff.

so when i go looking for one thing, i quickly lose interest and find something else that is right in front of me, and off i go.

so, fish shorts it is! he picked out the fabric months ago, and i planned to make lounge pants. but i didn't pay any attention when i started cutting, and i screwed up. i cut each pant leg side by side, so the fish were repeating in the same spot vertically. i did this on pants for emma last year, and ended up with two butterfly wings spanning her butt. not as cool as it sounds. trust me. so then, with the meager fabric i had left, i cut out another piece and shortened them. and i still have half a pant leg on my cutting table.

that drives me nuts! i can't stand to waste fabric. i save the teensiest pieces, and i don't know why. it's not like there is a shortage or i won't find anything new i like. but i simply can't help myself. i made a matching pocket, lined with linen and finished with some vintage bias tape. i'm hoping the pocket edges will curl once it's washed and you'll see a linen trim around the edges. they look so cute on him! well, except that i made the pattern myself, and he has a bit of plumber's crack going on. they are too short in the back waist, and almost too poofy in the front. how do i fix that for next time? or shjould i just buy an actual pattern- heehee! anyways, next up - tulle skirt!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

quilt techniques

craftapple has an adorable new quilt pattern out! i am loving the teensy bird in the tree! i seem to be drawn towards applique more and more lately. i just picked up a bunch of quilt books at the library, an amazing one called beyond log cabin that is full of stunning quilts. i still don't quite get the technique, foundation pieceing. i feel like i did when i first tried to knit - i can look at the diagrams, but my brain can't compute what the heck to do! it's frustrating! so those are two things i want to try soon - applique and foundation piecing.

i am hoping to get more knitting and crocheting done in the next few weeks, i just enrolled my kids in a program every monday, which means - that's right! 5 hours of alone time every week! of course, we live 20 miles from the center, so i'll be staying in town, but i'm planning to find the comfiest chair at the library and bring my mp3. hooray!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

contests galore

found a new site for giveaways and cool stuff! check this out
i am in love with the pouches at simbiosis, she's giving some away! and the giveaway for the girliebirdboutique is great too! i'd actually be tempted to put my own name on it, my daughter gets all the cute stuff.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

new stuff!

as promised!

artsy clutches - from bend the rules sewing by amy karol*. these are so much fun to make! the flannel lining makes them a nice weight and i got to use some of my new fabrics.

*OMG. if you've never looked at that book, do yourself a favor and get your hands on a copy. i checked it out at the library way back when i wanted to start sewing. it's one of the few craft books i've read cover to cover. she's like the personal trainer of sewing! whenever i get frustrated, tidbits from her book pop into my head.

another list taker. this one was in the damn it pile for a few weeks. i was zipping along, making the front and then, when i went to cut out the lining, i accidentally cut right through the back of the patchwork piece. that'll teach me to clutter my cutting area. so it sat for awhile while i debated if i could fix it somehow. i think it turned out nice, though.

they are both listed in my etsy shop, and i also have some more to finish and post about! so look for more later today!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

going nutty

sorry for the lack of postings. trying to get in the groove and hopefully have some new things to show on sunday! i wish it would stay warm, when i'm all bundled up i just want to snooze. and i'm even behind on my slacking - 2 weeks of lost to catch up on!

about the only thing happening around here is pecan shelling. troy's sister has a bunch of pecan trees and she gave me a walmart sack full of nuts. seems like my brain had forgotten how long it takes to shell them, and i swear, i've been working for a week and my bowl's not even half empty. would you look at this monster? the line from cars keeps repeating in my head - "you get to work with bessie? shoot, i'd give my right lug nut to work with her!" so i've christened her bessie.

at least i'll have lots of pecans for baking! i also sat out on daring bakers last month. with my husband working so much, i didn't think i had it in me to make my own spinach pasta, bechemel sauce & ragu. but the recipe sounds divine and i will definitely try it sometime.

another thing going on right now is, as always, swaps! i am in a vintage sheet swap, cut a sheet into quarters and swap them. and these are what i sent out:

aren't they almost painfully sweet? they were one of THREE awesome sheets i scored at the thrift store one fine afternoon. there's an identical blue, and another pink floral with lacy picot edging. i have received one sheet, and it's so soft and pretty. sorry, no pics yet, but i am still deciding what to make with it! now, off to sew a bit before bed.


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