Thursday, April 2, 2009

going nutty

sorry for the lack of postings. trying to get in the groove and hopefully have some new things to show on sunday! i wish it would stay warm, when i'm all bundled up i just want to snooze. and i'm even behind on my slacking - 2 weeks of lost to catch up on!

about the only thing happening around here is pecan shelling. troy's sister has a bunch of pecan trees and she gave me a walmart sack full of nuts. seems like my brain had forgotten how long it takes to shell them, and i swear, i've been working for a week and my bowl's not even half empty. would you look at this monster? the line from cars keeps repeating in my head - "you get to work with bessie? shoot, i'd give my right lug nut to work with her!" so i've christened her bessie.

at least i'll have lots of pecans for baking! i also sat out on daring bakers last month. with my husband working so much, i didn't think i had it in me to make my own spinach pasta, bechemel sauce & ragu. but the recipe sounds divine and i will definitely try it sometime.

another thing going on right now is, as always, swaps! i am in a vintage sheet swap, cut a sheet into quarters and swap them. and these are what i sent out:

aren't they almost painfully sweet? they were one of THREE awesome sheets i scored at the thrift store one fine afternoon. there's an identical blue, and another pink floral with lacy picot edging. i have received one sheet, and it's so soft and pretty. sorry, no pics yet, but i am still deciding what to make with it! now, off to sew a bit before bed.

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maria said...

I used to have the exact sheet pattern years ago.



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