Tuesday, April 7, 2009

quilt techniques

craftapple has an adorable new quilt pattern out! i am loving the teensy bird in the tree! i seem to be drawn towards applique more and more lately. i just picked up a bunch of quilt books at the library, an amazing one called beyond log cabin that is full of stunning quilts. i still don't quite get the technique, foundation pieceing. i feel like i did when i first tried to knit - i can look at the diagrams, but my brain can't compute what the heck to do! it's frustrating! so those are two things i want to try soon - applique and foundation piecing.

i am hoping to get more knitting and crocheting done in the next few weeks, i just enrolled my kids in a program every monday, which means - that's right! 5 hours of alone time every week! of course, we live 20 miles from the center, so i'll be staying in town, but i'm planning to find the comfiest chair at the library and bring my mp3. hooray!

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