Monday, May 11, 2009

201th post!

it looks like i missed my 200th post! no surprises there - i hadn't even switched my calendar until a few days ago - as i mentioned i am behind this month! anyways. busy is good right?

for mom's day, my hubby gave me flowers, a card full of cash and an order to go to the city wide garage sale in ottawa. sorry ladies, he's taken. i had so much fun, and found lots of treasures. an antique metal mirror, tons of vintage sheets, and the sweetest doggy pillow. my big thrill was finding some vintage quilts for $5 and $6 each. i didn't even unfold them because i had an armful already, so i was a tad disappointed to see how shabby they are. but if repairing them is out of the question, at least i won't feel bad cutting into them!


Tania said...

Shabby or no, two really lovely bits of quilted gorgeousness!

Leslie said...

what a awesome find for mother's day!


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