Sunday, May 31, 2009

it's done

so the cake is off to the party! i also made one of these little cuties in case the grey fondant horse doesn't survive the trip. there are two sizes of flowers on coiled wire to stick out of the top, but they are fragile so she promised to send me a photo of the cake once fully assembled.

i do think it will be awhile before i tackle another cake. they are stressful for me, i spend the whole time afraid that i will drop it or someone will stick a finger in it, or once my cat licked spiderman's eyeball off my nephew's cake. you know, little things like that. sewing is much more relaxing for me.

anyways, as i was writing that, i remembered that i have my BIL's 40th birthday cake to make the end of june, and then my parent's 40th wedding anniversary, and after that we get into birthday season around here. so i may not get to hang up my apron just yet. but no more that aren't for family. family will still eat the cake after your cat licks the eyeball off. trust me.


Rachel said...

what a cute pony! I am sure the little girl who you made this for loved it.

Trish said...

love the horsey! beautifully done.


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