Thursday, May 7, 2009

meet the bosses

when did i decide i needed to do it all? i have been feeling a little overwhelmed with all the demands on my time lately.

the biggest one, of course, is my family. we have three little ones, ages 4, 3, and 18 months. i don't talk about them much here, because this is my crafty space and i want to keep it all for me. but they do require most of my attention, and there are times when there's no time left for making and creating. they're a little young yet for crafty fun - zach eats the crayons and alex likes to smear glue stick everywhere. emma's gotten a little practice at school, but there's rarely a moment when she and i are alone together. those days will come.

i also have two cakes to make this month - one for my nana who is turning 90! we are having an open house for her neighbors, and planning dinner out with my mom's side of the family. and another for a friend of troy's from high school. she found him on facebook and asked if i could make one for her. her daughter is getting a pony, so it's a pink, yellow and brown cowboy party. with stick horses too! love the idea. i made a strawberry cake last night as practice and it is pretty good.

i also need to make baby blankets for gifts, and i've had three people request more dishcloths. something i haven't had time to work on, but i need to make it happen. i am actually glad for summer vacation, emma only has three more days of school left!

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