Wednesday, June 3, 2009

cutting along!

more strips cut, some sewed together - i still don't know what i am doing, and it appears my blocks will be 12 inches? not sure how i managed that, but as long as i keep throwing in new fabrics i hope i'll get enough for a twin size quilt. i love how the brights are looking - that block in the top right is pretty blah. i think i need another blue or maybe a chocolate brown? the pink and greens are threatening to take over!


Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

happy fabrics!!! love it. are you freaking out about the actual quilting part too, or is that just me. for sure my sewing machine is going to die one block in. freaking out. i was going to make two smaller ones, but then got crazy and am going for one gigantasaurus one. might as well fail miserably I suppose.

tammiemarie said...

no, I am totally freaking out too! I have only quilted little things. And I know it's going to be one big pucker. Oh well, it's made with love and that's what counts, right? Can't wait to see how they all turn out!


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