Sunday, June 21, 2009

fabric love

marianne over at pickled pear lane sent me this fat quarter bundle of katie jump rope fabric! i am so excited to turn this into a quilt.

i am thinking of a four leaf clover pattern, that i found in a library book about the kc star quilts. the four leaf clover is a pattern i saw on an antique quilt once and fell in love with. basically, it's a nine patch, but the outside edges are curved. this creates a circular design between the blocks, i just love it. i haven't run the numbers yet, so i don't know how much fabric i need exactly. but it should be easy enough to either buy more (yay!) or to fill in with some from my stash. that would make it more scrappy, which is the look i like.

speaking of quilts - i guess my husband works with a guy who has a long arm quilting business on the side! i told him to get a quote for me, and i'm hoping that he'll give us a super deal! then i could get emma's quilt done right.


Andrea said...

Oh my!!! You are sure a lucky girl this month ;). I was hoping and wishing to win that set ... LOVE the Katie Jump Rope.

Enjoy every bit of it for me!!

tammiemarie said...

I know, I've gone from never winning anything to the poster girl for lucky! But I have to say, this prize tops them all!


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