Saturday, June 6, 2009

on hold

so i'm making good progress on my quilt top! i am nervous about screwing it up at quilting time. but i will keep on moving forward, i have 11 blocks done so far.

i am being extremely lazy this weekend. reading, swilling beer, eating pecan pie, and watching big love on netflix. i have so much that i should be doing! painting, planting, cleaning, sewing... we are hosting a birthday party here for 100+ people the end of the month! this will be the first time a lot of our family and friends will be at our house, and i should be getting ready. but let's be honest. most everyone will be outside, fishing or canoeing or just drinking beer! a gazillion kids will be running around, and i will be stationed at the chip bowl. so i'm not getting worked up. yet. i did back out of doing the birthday cake and offered to do cupcakes instead. hooray for easy!

i have gotten a couple of my fabulous prizes, but i am missing my camera (again) and so that post will be later, possible monday. thanks for stopping by!

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