Thursday, June 18, 2009

to do, to do...

well, i thought i'd take a break from showing off all the cool stuff i've won (yes, there's still more!) and talk about some things i'd like to make.

first up, this super simple argyle fleece throw. i don't know about you, but i love fleece. at least at first, before it gets all pilled up. it's so soft! i know they make some "anti-pill" fleece, but i haven't ever tried it. this blanket looks really easy, and i was thinking it would make a cute baby size blanket. so that will probably be what i start with. i anticipate some quality netflix time while doing all the hand stitching! if you know any tricks to keep it from pilling, or brands of fleece you like, i'd love to hear them - a baby blanket gets a lot of wear so i don't want to waste my time if it will look awful in just a few months.

i really want to make some raised garden beds. this project will probably have to be next spring - we just finished tearing up our yard and it's a bit late for planting anyways. but the lowe's garden club magazine has plans for a strawberry bed with a bench along the outside, so you can sit while you harvest your yummy berries! i think this would be especially nice for the kids, so they can "help" pull weeds and pick produce. we have a spot in our yard that is perfect, i'm thinking two boxes would be just right. one for tomatoes and peppers, one for berries and herbs.

i want to sew a few things for myself - my summer clothes are just sad. tanks and the same shorts in three colors. that's my uniform. this skirt is first up - so cute, and she says it's easy! i'm thinking i have at least two fabrics that would work for it. i also want to make some cute thin cotton tanks. and this ruffle top tutorial might make me try sewing on knits! ok, and this ruffle one too - so sweet. and maybe better for my nonexistent bustline!

finally, for the need to finish stuff. i need to hem my living room curtains! they are just hanging there, ten inches too long and raw edged. we are having a party next weekend, so that's my motivation. i was planning to use another fabric to trim all the edges with, but now i'm thinking i just want to get it done. i can always add trim later if i want.

i need to finish sewing my blocks together. i have totally stalled out on my quilt top. i haven't had any time for sewing the last couple of nights, and i am feeling cross.


Candice said...

I love the argyle blanket! Not to mention it would be a darling baby blanket. Best of luck!!!

Little Munchkins said...

I wanted to say thanks for dropping by my blog during the SMS Giveaway and that I have another giveaway in my blog :)

I have been browsing through your blog - love it!


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