Wednesday, July 15, 2009

color book

i made this little book for our daughter - when i was little i dreamed of big skirts and bonnets. my room was done in holly hobbie, of course, complete with canopy bed. the outside was a little boring, so i added her name, and then realized it would be too close to the edge so i sewed on a polka dot stripe. i used to do a lot of needlework. i have been wanting to incorporate some into my sewing.

anyways, i've been working on it bits at a time today, and when i do that i always forget stuff. like the elastic to close it with. or to use a heavier interfacing. it's a little floppy, and i will need to figure out a way to close it, but it's 99% done. and that's something, right? i wish i had a walking foot for my machine. someday!

1 comment:

The Gosfam said...

I love the color book!! My girls probably wouldn't appreciate the cute fabric.


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