Monday, July 6, 2009

hi there!

did you all have a great fourth of july? we did! we just got home from a long weekend with family up in iowa. it is so pretty up there, really green and lush. my dad's family reunions every fourth at spirit lake, and we had a lot of fun.

so anyways, i am super excited because i don't have anything i have to do all week, and that should mean some sewing time! i also got two dishcloths knit on the long car ride. i've been tackling my yarn stash, making myself use up some supplies so i can fit them into our guest room. i am so close to finished with three or four projects, so i hope to be posting a lot this week! see you soon!

oh, i don't want to forget - the fabric shopper is giving away an AMY BUTLER BAG!!! who doesn't want some of that yumminess?

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