Wednesday, July 29, 2009

in bloom

i realized yesterday i haven't been taking advantage of all the fresh flowers i have blooming right now! i usually keep jars of them in the kitchen all summer, but i have yet to cut a single bouquet. the poor zinnias have taken a beating this year, between heavy rains and winds knocking my trellis on them twice. but they are looking better and should get me through the fall with lots of butterflies to look at. the black eyed susans are new this year(thanks mom!) and they have taken off!

bunco was fun last night! i made meatballs with the grape jelly/chili sauce - have to say, i didn't like it as much as i thought i would. but i've always wanted to try them, and now i have. and an artichoke dip that was yummy. knorr spring vegetable mix with mayo, sour cream, cream cheese, parmesan & artichoke hearts. i made some no bakes and rice krispie treats too. it was fun seeing everyone, i missed last months game. i gave away travel kits of soap & glory i found at target(75% off!) and hand knit washcloths too. i made fabric gift sacks since i couldn't find paper sacks the right size. i'll make a tutorial later for these, they were easy peasy.

i made the pear honey and it is really good! of course, being me, i didn't follow the directions and sort of made up my own as i went. i used the crockpot and it didn't cook down as much as it should have, it's a bit runny. and i didn't can it, choosing to freeze it instead. i used small containers since it will have to be eaten quickly after thawing.


Lauranie said...

I love blackeyed susans, and planted some along with some shasta daisies this Spring. But between the draught then the floods.... we are just having crazy weather this summer, but thankfully no hurricanes, yet!!

tammiemarie said...

my sis-in-law is giving me some shasta daisies this fall! i love them. and yes, the weather has been insane. 80 degrees in late july? in kansas?


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