Saturday, July 25, 2009

still stripping fabric swap!

i am hosting another swap over at swap-bot! this one is for 2 1/2 inch fabric strips. i loved making my quilt top and have found a few other projects i want to try, like this quilt. we'll be sending three 2 1/2 inch x width of fabric (generally 44") to two partners. you do have to be a member of swap-bot to join, but it's free and easy (and a bit addictive)

anyone feel like helping me? i made this graphic on inkscape only to find out that svg files aren't allowed on swap-bot(or blogger, for that matter). so i snapped a pic to get it on screen and ask for assistance! is there anyway to save my drawing so i can use it? it's frustrating to me because i know what i want to do - make this a button to use on swap-bot and allow others in swap to put on their blogs - but have no idea how to go about it...

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CraftsCrazy said...

I hope I can explain this well enough for you to understand.

Go back to the program or site you made the drawing in. Get your drawing on your computer screen and hit the 'Prt Scrn' (print screen) button on your computer's keyboard.

Now open the free photo editing program that came with Windows (paint or ??? can't remember what the other one is called). Paste your screen shot into a new document. If it gets cut off, you'll need to change the dimensions of the document before pasting and re-try it.

Now crop the photo so that all that is left is your drawing and save as a .jpg file.

I hope that was clear enough. Good luck.


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