Friday, July 10, 2009

time for a finished project, don't you think?

i am done with this o & s lazy days skirt for my daughter, although it's a little on the long side. she seems to grow before my eyes though, and she's pretty loaded up on skirts at the moment, so big's a good thing. vintage bias tape instead of ribbon trim. easy and done. see others at sparklepowersewalong or at oliver + s flickr pool.

for some reason, i can't get back in the saddle of her quilt top. maybe it's knowing that once it's put together, it will still be sitting - waiting to be quilted. maybe because i have no idea what to do for the back. i just filled two bobbins with the natural thread, so i guess tonight is as good as any to finish it.

i am in the middle of two other projects too, but i swear i'd need an extra hour every day just to take pics of them. i so need an eye-fi.

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