Wednesday, August 5, 2009

another kimono top

what did i tell you? these are so simple!

i whipped this out today while the older two played (fought over) blocks and the youngest slept. it's from two scraps of floral i bought yard sale-ing for 25 cents! vintage bias trim, and it's done. the sleeves are shorter/smaller than the pattern called for, because i goofed and cut the back in two pieces (i cut the fold line - gah!) and didn't have enough left to recut it and the sleeves. so i made the goof the sleeves. still cute, and it is hot here so short sleeves are more appropriate!

now i don't have to choose which baby gets the handmade top - they both do :)


Jessica said...

Aww - these are adorable! I've just recieved a copy of Weekend Sewing and I was admiring this same top... hearing that it is easy may give a complete novice like myself the confidence to have a go at making it too.

tammiemarie said...

yes, you should try it! but know that it takes more bias trim than it says. I've also heard that a lot of the projects in the book are sized big. This looks pretty tiny to me though.

Lauranie said...

I have the Amy Butler Little Stitches book...I am dying to try the kimono pjs pattern!! These are so stinkin cute!!! :)


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