Monday, August 17, 2009

chain me to my treadmill!

today has been a rainy, blah kind of day. the kids didn't want to go to their mom's day out group - so i had to drag them along on my thrift shop trip. three's a handful! i did get a beautiful vintage sheet, with lots of yellow and pink flowers. and a pretty tiered skirt for me. but then the cashier, who sees me once a week, and always chats with me and the kids, said "oh, are you expecting another baby?" and i had to admit that no, my belly's just fat. jeez.

so i came home and worked on some hourglass blocks to cheer myself up. i'm using a bunch of random, 5 inch charms i collected through swaps. the white is cotton i bought to make curtains in one of our old houses, then never got around to it. this will be an ongoing project, these squares are small! i've been putting them in a picnic basket as i finish them, i figure i'll run a few of them up each time i sit at the machine, and eventually i'll have enough to make a blanket. gotta love chain piecing!

i'll probably skip the quilt guild meeting. i'm feeling a little low in the self-esteem department today, and i think i'll spend my free time on the elliptical instead. listen to some upbeat tunes, get the exercise rush going. when i'm low all i want to do is snack and sleep, so i'm trying really hard to resist those urges!


Tammie said...

ugh, the dreaded baby question when you arent pregnant. oh thats the worst. i feel your pain. hang in there. :)

Lauranie said...

WHA-? Man, that is HARSH!!! That has happened to me, but thankfully in the same week I was with my oldest who was 16 at the time and my daughter who was 1, and the SAME cashier said, "Oh she is cute, she looks like her daddy, how long have ya'll been together." And she was looking at my son! So I don't know if he looks old, or I'm a cougar AND fat!! :D


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