Saturday, August 22, 2009

cross stitching away

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we just learned yesterday that we'll have a houseful for labor day - which means i need to convert the mess that is my craft room back into a guest room. i am a messy crafter - i leave piles everywhere, i have umpteen unfinished projects floating around - you get the idea.

so while sorting stuff, i found my box of needlework supplies. and inside, this sampler i started when i was pregnant, on bed rest, with our oldest. who will be 5 in october. screeching halt to cleaning! i started working on it again last night, maybe i can finish it before her birthday comes around. but boy, those stitches are teensy! i had bought the wrong fabric, but decided i could handle the challenge, and wore granny glasses to see what i was doing! thank goodness our new house has better lighting!

anyways, this tiny little sampler is only about 6 inches tall. i will probably try to mat it in an 8x10 frame. i don't remember the name of the book where i got the pattern, only that i got it at the topeka library about 5 years ago.


Lauranie said...

Whoa! That IS teensy!! My eyes, my eyes!!! :D

Desiree said...

so small. so cute.
just wanted to let you know I am having a give away. go to to win.


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