Tuesday, August 25, 2009


well, my honey is working nights this week, and sleeping in the craft room during the day. so not much sewing is happening around here right now. that's ok, i've been keeping busy. still working on my cross stitch when the kids are sleeping, stitching some yo-yos when they aren't. i have a big box of fabric circles that someone gave me, in pink and green and blue and floral - and i mean a box. there are so many! and i stuck them under my cutting table until i figured out what i wanted to do with them. i have a plan - never fear - and i will share it with you soon. a few other things have to happen for the whole project to come together.

i am also trying to get the kid's rooms painted and trimmed, since we are going to start trying for baby #4! that sort of put the fire under my feet about some of these home improvements i've been putting off. i have tile to grout and trim to caulk, and quite a bit of painting. we also have two birthdays coming up, and my mom's retirement, the list goes on and on. busy is fun, right?

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