Wednesday, August 19, 2009

good morning, i think?

hmmph. it's super early here, but all three kids woke up at the same time - 3:45am, and they won't go back to sleep. emma fell out of her bed but insists that lambie pushed her off. the boys were just crying, but neither seems to know why. and since troy had to be at work at 5am today, they were up right before him. i'm sure they will fall asleep soon - they are watching little einsteins and giggling - but i won't be able to! once i'm up and moving around, i have a tough time shutting back down. time for coffee.

i'm sure you've heard of spoonflower by now - it's a site where you can order custom fabric. pretty cool - i don't know how to do it (yet), but i love seeing the new designs each week on their blog. right now they are having a holiday contest, and this week you can vote for two of 18 fabrics! and true up has a tutorial of sorts comparing them with other online printing services.

anyways, all day today (the 20th) you can get 2 free swatches - shipping is free too - so it's a great time to try out that design you've been thinking of!

that reminds me. remember the "ugly" fabric i won awhile back? it was a spoonflower sample that didn't quite come out like she wanted. ugh, was it really in march? i *need* to make something with that! i am still leaning towards binding for a kids quilt. maybe i will go ahead and make the bias tape - and it could inspire my next quilt top project. the hourglass blocks are all completed and waiting for me to cut and sew on the sashing. and i feel really good about having used up all my 5 inch floral charms! i ended up with two left over. next i have a stack of 6 inch novelty prints from a swap, and i always planned to make i-spy quilts.

i know this post is long and rambling, but like i said, it's early here. the youngest is back asleep, and i think i will go stretch out for an episode of wubbzy with the preschoolers.

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Barbara said...

THANK YOU! I had read a couple of places about making your own fabric, but was always a little scared to try it. The expense, making my own pattern - it all seemed too complex. But the Spoonflower samples inspired me to give it a shot.
Thanks for sharing!


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