Wednesday, August 19, 2009

hi, my name is tammie

i have a confession to make. i bought more fabric. it's actually not my fault though!

while the power was off last week, we were in kc for the day, and there were all these garage sales! and when you can get a whole tub of fabric for $5, and a box of zippers for $2 - can you really say no? or not buy *both* tubs of fabric? and another sale had lots of remnants for 10 cents or a quarter. anyways, i wasn't sure what was in the tubs but i'm done sorting and washing them, and i'm ready for show and tell!

one tub was full of bottom weights, lots of twill and linen and denim! hooray! and the second had lots of scraps. muslin and sheets, not as much quilter's cotton as i'd hoped for, there's a bunch of knits, and some random stuff. and there were also a bunch of decorator chintz and tapestry samples.

so what am i going to make with all this lovely fabric goodness? knowing me, i'll start a bunch of things all at once. i also checked out in stitches again today, and it's inspiring me too. the kids are all napping so i'm off to do bodies in motion. i'd rather be sewing. sigh.

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Lauranie said...

WoW!! Impressive! That reminds me....I need to buy some more zippers!! :D


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