Tuesday, August 18, 2009

hourglass madness

here's a peek at the hourglass blocks! i've got more ready to stitch at naptime this afternoon. i'm planning to sash it with the white. i've got several yards of a blue calico that i used in one of the blocks, and i think it will make a nice backing fabric. this is going so fast, i can't quit working on it!

also - if you've never changed your rotary blade, i would suggest it. i finally replaced mine, and about sliced my hand off! i was nervous about cutting through nine layers of fabric for my katie jump rope blocks - but it should be smooth slicing now.


luvinthemommyhood said...


Lauranie said...

It is going to be so colorful! I think the blue backing will be divine! I did the same thing with my rotary blade. I was fighting with it so I decided to change the blade, but I was using the same amount of FORCE...thankfully I still have all of my fingers!! :D


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