Friday, August 28, 2009

lame, lame LAME!

i've been so totally lame the last couple days. yes, i'm still working on the yoyo project, but truly i've been *so* lazy.

and i signed up for wardrobe refashion right before stuff and save at old navy - what was i thinking? 50% off clearance and then 20% on top of that?! i tried to buy mostly knits though, since i can't sew those myself. really. i can't. my zig-zag doesn't work. oh, and i had to buy cleats for troy, softball tourney's in two weeks. and it was bogo at payless. yes. i signed up to not buy clothes, and then spent more than i ever do on clothes. don't tell me what to do, damn it.

anyways, plans for the weekend include pie baking, room painting, and putting together the boys' new twin beds! white wood bunk beds. i can't wait to show you their cool new room! it has a thrifted chair for reading books too. sigh. one day we'll do our own room.

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