Sunday, August 16, 2009

lazy summer days

another weekend flew by - this time of year gets so busy! i suppose it will only get worse as the kids start school, i better just enjoy this last year of freedom before bus schedules and lunch boxes! we played all weekend, had softball practice and a sleepover, and i put in a new flowerbed! one of my annoying habits is constantly expanding the amount of weeding that i have to do. i made meatloaf and dump cake, and took naps. it's a great life.

i also finally cut into my fat quarter bundle of katie jump rope! i've been nervous, not wanting to mess it up, not sure what i wanted to make. i decided to make crazy nine patch squares. so i cut 10" squares of 9 of the fabrics, and if i do ok with those i will make 9 more, and make a throw for the living room. the colors are so bright and happy, and we fight over the one quilt we keep in there. it was sweltering upstairs though, and our son kept getting out of bed, so i didn't start cutting the crazy parts yet. naptime tomorrow, hopefully!

tomorrow my room redesign will be up at fresh nest, and i am attending my first quilt guild meeting! they are having an quilt historian come from lawrence to speak. hope it's fun and that i meet some new crafty friends!

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