Tuesday, August 4, 2009

stop by the apron fest ----> going on this week - there's some super cute aprons to be won!

i am in heaven. troy's uncle bud grows a huge garden and we got one of his spaghetti squash. i was skeptical, did some research and decided to try baking it to use as "spaghetti" the kids adamantly refused to try it, so i fed them something else and spooned up a bowl for me. if i hadn't know it was squash, i wouldn't have believed it. yum. and so much better for me (and my hips) than pasta! i also read about using the leftovers to make fried squash patties - i may try that tomorrow for breakfast. it was so good, i forgot to show you the before!

i still have oodles of pears to use, i had put them aside and forgot about them after making the honey last week. so it's do or die time now, the fruit flies will be here if i wait to much longer! on the list to make tonight is pear pie and pear bread and even a pear jello dessert - that should about do it.

finally, i'll leave you with a sneak at my latest project - i started and ohmygoshigotsoclose to finishing this during nap time yesterday! i'm hoping for more of the same quiet time this afternoon. any guesses?

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