Thursday, August 6, 2009

tiered skirt!

i made this thursday, but i've been having so much fun reading the comments on my last post, i decided not to publish it until friday!

i'm proud of myself for a number of reasons.
1. all stash supplies - the middle mini stripe is so old i don't even remember where it came from.
2. no pattern used! i made it up as i went along, using my daughter a measuring guide.
3. i started and finished this all in one sitting.
4. the kids kept me entertained playing with their guitars and making up songs while i worked.

that last one makes me feel better about wanting to spend time doing my own thing. i feel like i'm teaching them to do their own thing too, and to not need constant attention and feedback from me. i keep telling our son that when school starts he'll have to share the teacher with lots more kids than just his siblings. that may be tough for him! plus, they see me sewing so much now that the novelty of the machine is wearing off, and soon i'll be able to teach them simple sewing like lacing! hooray!

i have set a somewhat lofty goal for myself to complete one thing a day, for as long as i can. i have so many unfinished projects, that should give me a range of things for days when i get very little time to sew. and i'm excluding weekends, because there's always too much going on for that to happen.

anyways, i need to sew two more things before sunday - presents for two very special birthday nieces. this skirt started out as that, but ended too big so emma scored instead! i will probably make crayon books anyways. they are the right ages for them (3 and 4). see you tomorrow!

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Lauranie said...

No pattern? So AWESOME! It came out really cute! I've been wanting to try a tiered skirt! Keep it are getting better and BETTER! :)


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