Wednesday, August 5, 2009

tuesday night sewing club

i actually got some sewing time last night! i noticed that my husband was a bit put out that i would "rather sew" than watch baseball with him. uh, hello? he's known me for 13 years! you'd think that wouldn't be a surprise. anyways...

so i made lucy's kimono from weekend sewing. and i had looked at a few examples before hand, so i was expecting the bulk under the arms and knew to use more bias trim and to put the ties in correctly - i really didn't use the book much at all. super easy, super fast, and since it's so tiny you could really splurge on nice fabric for this! although, all my babies were bulimic and threw up every meal, so i don't know that i would want to. i used some leftover from emma's quilt top, and paired it with some leftover bias tape i made for an apron a long time ago. i love using things up, i always feel so smug. not that it made a dent in my stash, but still.

now, which newborn baby to give it to?

1 comment:

Starbound Studios said...

So cute! And lucky that you got to sew last night! Now I'm the one that didn't get to this week :o(


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