Thursday, August 13, 2009

yeah, baby

i knew, even as i typed the words, that committing to completing a project a day was a curse. although i haven't NOT yet, it's bound to happen sooner than later.

for example, my projects that i completed yesterday? sewing on buttons. yes, they'd been sitting around waiting for attention forever, and now they are done. so technically complete. but stretching it a little. and i did get my two baby gifts sent off (kimono top and bloomers for baby taylor, crayon book and gap onesie for baby kyle and big bro brandon)

i guess starting a quilt right now wasn't the smartest? :)

i did go ahead with the brown, and i like it. my husband waited until i had half the blocks sewn together to say "i don't think i like that color" pointing to the turquoise. the exact color that i specifically asked him about the day before. the one he said was fine. men.

the only issue i am having now is that the whole thing has a very seventies vibe. i think this would be an excellent color choice and pattern if i were making the baby size - which is made of 5 inch blocks. in 9 inch blocks it's kind of in your face. since i know this quilt is sure to be ruined within 5 years, i'm trudging ahead, and thinking i'll make the back very simple, just a long strip of pieced color blocks with brown on each side. i think i can live with that.

oh! the best part about this blanket? our son aj, who's 3 1/2, has been "helping" me by cutting up selvedge strips into teeny pieces while i work. and choosing new fabrics he wants me to put in. he told me he doesn't like the yellow, and he wants me to put in a strip of sports print he found, leftover from a crayon book. then he chose a neon green dot print. i'm hoping he won't notice i'm not taking his advice.

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