Wednesday, September 30, 2009

fringe fleece scarf

here's a fun and fast project, courtesy of make & takes. i made this one for my niece's birthday, i think she'll enjoy it's fluffiness. three 1/4 yds of fleece, for under $4, and about ten minutes, i think? i used my rotary cutter to cut the fringe, but i did have to go back with scissors to snip it closer to the center seam. the bonus is i have enough left for at least one more scarf. maybe the lovely model would like one too?

next time...

thanks to everyone who went and voted for me. i got blown out of the contest - some girls had tens of thousands of votes! i think you could vote once a day - i didn't know that, so next time maybe i'll read the rules a little better! and next time is right now - they are having an a-line skirt contest with awesome prizes. and i think i need a new fall skirt...

i'm still a winner though! here's why. i bought that fabric way back when i started this blog, and it's been sitting, waiting for me to make something out of it. and i also tried sewing with elastic thread, and i wish i'd tried it earlier, it's really easy. don't be afraid, go try it out, you'll be glad you did!

and, i got an email this morning that i won some art gallery fabric in a giveaway! it's from liberty original, who has a blog and etsy shop - the line is called girly girl, and i love the patterns and colors! you can get your own fabric there, go take a peek!

finally, i'll be back soon with pictures to share of my new heather ross fabric! i was lucky enough to partake in her studio sale!

Friday, September 25, 2009


so it looks like i am in 4th place right now. i have to admit, there's only 3 dresses i like as well as mine - although admittedly i'm biased! voting continues through the 30th, so anything could happen. the grand prize is a bernina, which would be wonderful. it has some features mine doesn't - and i bet the zigzag works on it! (as opposed to my silly machine!) i'm dying to do some applique but can't get mine to work.

anyways, i won't bore you with that anymore. i have been busy shredding zucchinis to freeze and making pepper jelly. hope it will set up better than last time, because i'd like to have these for gifts. i used the recipe on the certo liquid pectin box - although i had to use a lot more peppers to get the 2 3/4 C. it called for. i used a combo of jalepenos, red and green bells and one teeny habanero. small in size, packing some serious heat though!

voting is open!

hey loyal readers -i need you! come vote for my dress! there are several great dresses on there - i'm competing against some cute dresses...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


oh, what a busy day. we had a parents as teachers advisory board meeting in paola (a 40 minute drive)this morning, and flew from there to get emma to preschool 25 miles away! needless to say, once we got home, i needed a little quiet time. so while one napped and the other two played, i whipped out this scarf dress.

the pattern is incredibly easy - and i love the detail of the front - basically, think omitting several rows of shirring to give you a band of fabric that is unsmocked. i didn't follow the instructions exactly - it's supposed to have several more rows of shirring but i stopped with three (or 4?) below the bust and three above. technically, you should use two scarves, but since i don't own any bigger than a hankie, i made my own "scarf" panels from 2 yards of cotton fabric i've had for a year or two.

i love the colors for fall - i will probably add some cap sleeves or something, though. i don't have good luck with sleeveless dresses. no boobies to hold them up, and three littles to pull it down!

they are having a contest over there at burdastyle - winner with most votes gets a bernina! i'll let you know if you can help me out - i'm not sure how it all works yet. thanks in advance!

Friday, September 18, 2009

because i don't have enough unfinished projects...

i finally finished my maverick star block to send to crazymomquilts! she is making a blanket to give to quilts of valor, and i'm thrilled to participate. it did take me a couple of tries to get a block that was 12.5" exactly. it was my first time making these stars, and it's a fun way to use scraps. i hope i did it correctly! i know they are supposed to be wonky but it bugs me. i promise to not be offended if she doesn't use it :) i forgot to snap a pic before i folded it to mail, sorry about the wrinkles.

our three kids have a contagious rash and so we are housebound for the weekend! i finally remembered to get AA batteries, so they are all three occupied with assorted leapsters, leap pads and noise maker toys.

and i have been playing in my fabrics making these log cabin squares and baking banana bread. sigh. what a great day. i'm hoping i can pull enough florals from my stash of charms and scraps to make 15 of each block. i have quite a bit of some of the fabrics, teeny pieces of others.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

even more postal love

i know for a fact that our mailman is soooo happy we got a bigger mailbox!

today i received a copy of a new parenting book, called stop second-guessing yourself, the preschool years, by jen singer of she was kind enough to send me a copy after seeing that i had quoted her on my mommy blog! i can't wait to sit down with it!

and shamefully - this next present came the week before labor day, and i kept forgetting to take pictures of it and post about it! i loved it so much that i just threw my wallet and keys in it and went out to show it off! it is such a nice size - large enough to hold all that and more, but not too big where i can't find anything in it. and the fabric is awesome too. i won this in a giveaway (i know!!) and it's made by cindy over at imagine.dream.create. she also has an etsy shop too!

Monday, September 14, 2009

little houses, on the hillside

i've been busy making little houses. these are addicting! katie from seekatiesew made up some patterns, and i've been having fun choosing fabrics for them. it's my first attempt at paper piecing, and it took me a try (or two) to figure out what i was doing! i love the doll quilt she made, with tree quilting, so cute.

so, when paper piecing, remember to use a generous amount of fabric for each piece. it takes more than i thought it would, and you can see in my blocks where i had to skimp. i'm so greedy with my material, i can't stand wasting it, it's a real problem for me and i think this is a good exercise for me to learn to loosen up. anyways, go check out katie's houses and try one for yourself!

Friday, September 11, 2009

busy weekend

yep. definitely grouchy here. no time to do anything extra - i am still finding my groove with going to town 5 days a week for preschool.

we are playing in a ball tournament this weekend, and there's a BBQ smoke off happening too. this is the weekend my husband looks forward to all year long! i always halfway dread it - maneuvering three littles through a park full of hot smokers and the chaos at the ball park wears me out before it even starts. but, i always end up enjoying myself, and it's truly a family event. the K of C has this ball tourney every year in memory of troy's dad, who passed away 24 years ago. his aunt liz is here from san diego, and she may be my favorite aunt ever (and i have a lot of favorites) and all our friends and family turn out. we used to smoke meat it the contest too - troy is excellent at BBQ - but with the kids we've taken a few years off.

anywho. all that is to say i'm out for a few days, and hopefully will get some free time next week. hope hope hope.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


have you seen the new rugs from amy butler? to die for. seriously. i like her fabrics, they don't speak to me or anything, but i am in love with these carpets! so rich and luxurious. i don't even wann know what they cost, since i will never ever get to own one. but someday when we win that lottery, i'm getting one of each.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Made by Rae Jackpack Backpack GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Made by Rae Jackpack Backpack GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

you all know i love madebyrae and here's a chance to win one of her adorable backpacks!

Vote For Us!

ok, our entry is showing up over there so PLEASE go see us and if you like it, give us a few stars, would you?

journal entries

well, i suppose i can share this with you after all. my mom & i ended up making journal covers for the allpeoplequilts contest. and silly me, i thought the deadline was the 9th, so instead of taking photos yesterday like we planned, i went over this morning after dropping my son off at preschool. that way, i reasoned, i'd save making a 40 mile round trip just to snap 6 photos. well, guess again, the deadline was the 7th. grr. i need to get organized. i had written the 9th on the calendar right next to the laptop, so obviously i was multitasking - probably pouring milk and mopping the floor while changing diapers and combing curls.

ANYWAYS. i think they turned out very cute, so it's not a total loss. just in case i slipped through the deadline police, i'm not posting photos here, but you can run over and see them here. ahem, please excuse the hairdo - it's rainy and muggy here, and i forgot to do my makeup before we scrambled off to school. mom looks pretty damn good for having surgery 4 days ago though, huh? and funny, we both match our notebooks but didn't plan it that way!

i wonder what the next challenge will be? they've done a bag, an apron and a notebook this year. again, if anyone wants to be my partner next round (i'm looking at you, darling chatterbox!) email me at tammieschafferATyahooDOTcom. i will do my best to finish before the deadline.

Monday, September 7, 2009

elm studios

how sweet is this?? i won this prize in the dress-up drawer's giveaway week! see, when i tell you about these cool contests, you really should go enter them. people really do win!

i had been in love with elm studios etsy shop for a few months, and i really want a little bird family wall hanging! but since we may keep adding to our nest, i have to wait and see whether we need a blue or yellow bird. so when i found out i had won her prize, i was over the moon. everyone please check out her shop - these would make fabulous wedding presents and she has lots of other fun things!

i decided to use it as a little ring dish for our dresser, and it sits next to our family portrait and a wedding photo of us. thanks, jaime, for hosting the giveaway. stay tuned for the next round - i'm going to be participating with some cool prize of my own!

and thanks so much, erin, this is one of my favorite things. i just love it!


i missed my 300th post! i had wanted to do something special for it...

i am feeling pretty grouchy due to the lack of crafty time these days! i had wanted to get my table runner tute finished up, but it will have to wait another day or two. tomorrow night is my "night off", and my only plans are to sew sew sew!

our weekend company left this morning, and we had a really nice quiet weekend. the fish weren't biting, but we had lots of yummy smoked pork and good conversation. a little dancing, a little singing, and lots of naps. ahh. hope you all had a great weekend too!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

cool nicey jane

i saw this and wanted to share my latest fabric obsession with y'all. is heather bailey incredible or what. it's like she read my mind and made fabric just for me. the swell colorway is cute too. while you're over there, take a peek at amy butler's love preview. looks nice, loving the dots!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

charm pack table runner - part one

i have been hoarding this charm pack of mary englebreit's recipe for friendship for months now. i knew i wanted to use it in my kitchen somehow. i got inspired by this project over at the bakeshop - and decided to make one to fit our super long kitchen island. the prints are so cute!

for my table runner, i used:
1 charm pack of moda's recipe for friendship, or 20 5 inch squares of your choice
20 5 inch white squares (again, whatever you'd like to use is fine!)

cut 9 of the white squares in half on the diagonal. these are for the edges.

now, the fun part! lay them out on the diagonal and play around with the placement. i did ten pairs of prints, and then filled in the white. i find that i see clumps of color better if i take a photo of it, which is weird. i'm new at this, maybe my eye is untrained. sure, that's what it is. i changed the order of mine all the way up to sewing the last strips together. the nice thing about a charm pack is they are all sort of matchy matchy anyways.

ok, start sewing your rows! i used a 1/4" seam.

i press mine to the print side, rather than opening them out. it helps me match the seams better in the next step. also, be sure to press the seam flat before pressing the seam to the side. this sets the seam, and it keeps it from getting wonky.

the next step is to match seams and sew some more.

after sewing these seams together, i press them open. with the white in between, i didn't want the print showing through so this takes care of that. as you can see, i left points on both ends and this makes it hang just right over the edges of my table. on our island top, it fits nicely and leaves room on both ends for a place setting. i like that i'll be able to use this in more than one place!

later today, i will quilt and bind this. today is em's first day of preschool, so i need to get ready for that, but we get home about 3 and *hope* everyone will feel like napping. it's rainy and thunder-y here. i'm also planning to pick up a movie while we're out, so even if nobody sleeps, i should get enough quiet time to stitch this up and share it with you! see you later!

hello everyone!

did you miss me? it feels weird to not chat with you every day! grab a cup of coffee!

it's been a fun last couple of days! i started potty training our youngest - and moved the boys into their new bunk beds too. some work in the garden, a super fun fish fry, and lots of new hand me downs from our neighbor. including a gorgeous wood doll cradle and a wood rocking chair for the kiddos. i can't wait to personalize them with new bedding and a slipcover.

i also started on a table runner - hoping to finish it up today and share my very first tutorial on it! hooray! disclaimer - it's actually very basic, so it's probably been done before. but not by me. that's the important part anyways.

i also had some very great news this morning about a possible job opening that would delight both me and my husband (who really wants me to go back to school and become a dental hygienist) let's just say that it would involve all the things i love to do and i'd have summers off. any guesses?

i'll be back later today with some photos and show and tell.


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