Friday, September 11, 2009

busy weekend

yep. definitely grouchy here. no time to do anything extra - i am still finding my groove with going to town 5 days a week for preschool.

we are playing in a ball tournament this weekend, and there's a BBQ smoke off happening too. this is the weekend my husband looks forward to all year long! i always halfway dread it - maneuvering three littles through a park full of hot smokers and the chaos at the ball park wears me out before it even starts. but, i always end up enjoying myself, and it's truly a family event. the K of C has this ball tourney every year in memory of troy's dad, who passed away 24 years ago. his aunt liz is here from san diego, and she may be my favorite aunt ever (and i have a lot of favorites) and all our friends and family turn out. we used to smoke meat it the contest too - troy is excellent at BBQ - but with the kids we've taken a few years off.

anywho. all that is to say i'm out for a few days, and hopefully will get some free time next week. hope hope hope.

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