Tuesday, September 1, 2009

charm pack table runner - part one

i have been hoarding this charm pack of mary englebreit's recipe for friendship for months now. i knew i wanted to use it in my kitchen somehow. i got inspired by this project over at the bakeshop - and decided to make one to fit our super long kitchen island. the prints are so cute!

for my table runner, i used:
1 charm pack of moda's recipe for friendship, or 20 5 inch squares of your choice
20 5 inch white squares (again, whatever you'd like to use is fine!)

cut 9 of the white squares in half on the diagonal. these are for the edges.

now, the fun part! lay them out on the diagonal and play around with the placement. i did ten pairs of prints, and then filled in the white. i find that i see clumps of color better if i take a photo of it, which is weird. i'm new at this, maybe my eye is untrained. sure, that's what it is. i changed the order of mine all the way up to sewing the last strips together. the nice thing about a charm pack is they are all sort of matchy matchy anyways.

ok, start sewing your rows! i used a 1/4" seam.

i press mine to the print side, rather than opening them out. it helps me match the seams better in the next step. also, be sure to press the seam flat before pressing the seam to the side. this sets the seam, and it keeps it from getting wonky.

the next step is to match seams and sew some more.

after sewing these seams together, i press them open. with the white in between, i didn't want the print showing through so this takes care of that. as you can see, i left points on both ends and this makes it hang just right over the edges of my table. on our island top, it fits nicely and leaves room on both ends for a place setting. i like that i'll be able to use this in more than one place!

later today, i will quilt and bind this. today is em's first day of preschool, so i need to get ready for that, but we get home about 3 and *hope* everyone will feel like napping. it's rainy and thunder-y here. i'm also planning to pick up a movie while we're out, so even if nobody sleeps, i should get enough quiet time to stitch this up and share it with you! see you later!

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Lauranie said...

So pretty!!! What a HAPPY kitchen you will have!


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