Monday, September 7, 2009

elm studios

how sweet is this?? i won this prize in the dress-up drawer's giveaway week! see, when i tell you about these cool contests, you really should go enter them. people really do win!

i had been in love with elm studios etsy shop for a few months, and i really want a little bird family wall hanging! but since we may keep adding to our nest, i have to wait and see whether we need a blue or yellow bird. so when i found out i had won her prize, i was over the moon. everyone please check out her shop - these would make fabulous wedding presents and she has lots of other fun things!

i decided to use it as a little ring dish for our dresser, and it sits next to our family portrait and a wedding photo of us. thanks, jaime, for hosting the giveaway. stay tuned for the next round - i'm going to be participating with some cool prize of my own!

and thanks so much, erin, this is one of my favorite things. i just love it!

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