Tuesday, September 1, 2009

hello everyone!

did you miss me? it feels weird to not chat with you every day! grab a cup of coffee!

it's been a fun last couple of days! i started potty training our youngest - and moved the boys into their new bunk beds too. some work in the garden, a super fun fish fry, and lots of new hand me downs from our neighbor. including a gorgeous wood doll cradle and a wood rocking chair for the kiddos. i can't wait to personalize them with new bedding and a slipcover.

i also started on a table runner - hoping to finish it up today and share my very first tutorial on it! hooray! disclaimer - it's actually very basic, so it's probably been done before. but not by me. that's the important part anyways.

i also had some very great news this morning about a possible job opening that would delight both me and my husband (who really wants me to go back to school and become a dental hygienist) let's just say that it would involve all the things i love to do and i'd have summers off. any guesses?

i'll be back later today with some photos and show and tell.

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