Tuesday, September 8, 2009

journal entries

well, i suppose i can share this with you after all. my mom & i ended up making journal covers for the allpeoplequilts contest. and silly me, i thought the deadline was the 9th, so instead of taking photos yesterday like we planned, i went over this morning after dropping my son off at preschool. that way, i reasoned, i'd save making a 40 mile round trip just to snap 6 photos. well, guess again, the deadline was the 7th. grr. i need to get organized. i had written the 9th on the calendar right next to the laptop, so obviously i was multitasking - probably pouring milk and mopping the floor while changing diapers and combing curls.

ANYWAYS. i think they turned out very cute, so it's not a total loss. just in case i slipped through the deadline police, i'm not posting photos here, but you can run over and see them here. ahem, please excuse the hairdo - it's rainy and muggy here, and i forgot to do my makeup before we scrambled off to school. mom looks pretty damn good for having surgery 4 days ago though, huh? and funny, we both match our notebooks but didn't plan it that way!

i wonder what the next challenge will be? they've done a bag, an apron and a notebook this year. again, if anyone wants to be my partner next round (i'm looking at you, darling chatterbox!) email me at tammieschafferATyahooDOTcom. i will do my best to finish before the deadline.

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