Monday, September 14, 2009

little houses, on the hillside

i've been busy making little houses. these are addicting! katie from seekatiesew made up some patterns, and i've been having fun choosing fabrics for them. it's my first attempt at paper piecing, and it took me a try (or two) to figure out what i was doing! i love the doll quilt she made, with tree quilting, so cute.

so, when paper piecing, remember to use a generous amount of fabric for each piece. it takes more than i thought it would, and you can see in my blocks where i had to skimp. i'm so greedy with my material, i can't stand wasting it, it's a real problem for me and i think this is a good exercise for me to learn to loosen up. anyways, go check out katie's houses and try one for yourself!

1 comment:

Lauranie said...

Oh my goodness...SO CUTE!! I too have a tendency to "skimp"!! I like the effect though, from one fabric hoarder to the next!! :)


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