Saturday, October 17, 2009

blog action day 2009 - a little late!

so, as it was gently pointed out to me, i missed blog action day. i had good intentions, and linked to it from a facebook friend's post - and then promptly forgot the date! anyways, i am sorry to anyone that came here looking for my post.

there's not that much that we're doing to combat climate change in our house. i have to be honest, i don't know much about the topic, other than i watched al gore's movie a long time ago. i am woefully uneducated.

we recycle, we make our own ice in trays and in empty milk jugs, we chop our own firewood(well, troy does!) and heat with a wood stove. which actually might be just as bad as using propane. not really sure. we plan to put in clotheslines next spring so i can line dry our clothes. we own 30 acres, but we only mow up as much as necessary to keep the critters away from the house. we live in a rural area, so just going to get milk means i drive 17 miles. i try to multi task and combine errands in one trip - but with three little kids, sometimes that just ain't happening. and we replaced our garage fridge with a newer model that doesn't run constantly like the old one.

craft wise - i already try to get supplies at thrift stores, garage sales, and freecycle/hand me down stuff. i really need to attempt to use up what i have in my stash vs. buying new, and instead of buying a new machine, my mom gave me her singer (thanks mom!) i signed up for wardrobe refashion and have a pile of clothes destined for another life.

goals for the next year:

less driving (one child will start kindergarten and ride the bus, three less trips a week!)
find doctors closer to home (we've kept our old doctors, which is an hour drive)
plant a garden and can some goodies
upgrade our heating/air system to the proper size and efficiency

hope everyone at least thinks about what they can do, even if it's a small thing, to help our environment!


DangAndBlast! said...

Heh - sometimes you just can't win, right? You live in a rural area, so get the benefits of all of that back-to-the-earth stuff ... but thereby win the disapproval of all those who say it's immoral not to live in inner-city apartment-hives (so as to let everything else go fallow, which is the only environmentally conscious way to be). (I don't know if you get those where you are, but I've heard that viewpoint a bunch both in Boston and in Houston.) I'll post on the you-can't-win-ness sometime soon... but have to put up a happy shiny craft first, or my blog will be only about grumbling!

Lauranie said...

I think you are amazing and ANY little bit helps right? Sometimes being earth-friendly just isn't cost effective, so we compromise and do as much as we can!! So you deserve a "pat" and an A+ for effort! :)


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