Friday, October 16, 2009

camera opinions needed

so it looks like i will be getting a new camera. my sony cybershot stopped working wednesday, and i'm just amazed it's lasted this long! it's been dropped on the kitchen tile more than i care to admit. anyone have a recommendation for a new one? something that's user friendly, inexpensive, and produces stunning quality photographs??? you know, i don't want much! so i've had to resort to using my daughter's kiddizoom again - eek!

meanwhile, i had another custom order on my etsy - for a tutu. i shipped it out today and i hope she loves it! even thought the photo is awful.

that's about it for me - hoping for some quality crafting time this weekend but not getting my hopes too high. we are hosting a sleepover saturday with 2 cousins, and that means a lot of children running around needing supervision. i do want to get our pumpkins carved, and make some more pepper jelly, but if i get even that much done i'll be surprised! have a great weekend everyone!


Ketutar said...

I know nothing about cameras, so I cannot offer any opinion :-) What I can offer an opinion about, and will, is that I came here to read your Blog Action Day entry... I seem to have enormous difficulties in finding it, could it be because you haven't posted it yet? :-)

tammiemarie said...

eep! guilty as charged! that sort of slipped by me this week. sorry for not having anything posted, hope you'll forgive me? :)

Liberty said...

I think the Tutu is absolutely beautiful!!!


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